Tegro: The CEX-DEX is an advanced decentralized NFT trading protocol packed with features designed to streamline and enhance your trading experience.

How did we reach here?

We had an extraordinary Phase One of our Beta, where we accomplished numerous achievements, such as:

✅ Surpassing $200,000 in monthly trade volumes

✅ Launching 15+ NFT markets

✅ Helping 6 NFT markets achieve ATHs

✅ Attracting 1,000,000+ Impressions on Twitter

✅ Garnering 150,000+ Video views

✅ Growing to a 40,000+ Member strong community

Throughout Phase 1 of the beta, we tackled one central question: How can we elevate the experience for an NFT trader? We considered the typical issues an NFT trader faces:

  • Fragmented Liquidity: NFT liquidity is scattered across platforms, making global price discovery nearly impossible.

  • Not Trader-friendly: Most platforms are optimized for collectors rather than traders. Essential trading features such as Limit Orders and Order Books are often unavailable for NFTs, which discourages high-frequency trading.

  • Discovery: The use of floor price as a proxy for the health of a collection is not a correct representation of an NFT’s current market value.

We also realized that decentralization and self-custody were very important in our quest to go to the next level. Decentralization would allow us to give access to numerous new markets in a permissionless manner and launch Tegro as a truly global platform. Meanwhile, by embracing the self-custody principle of "Your Keys, Your NFTs," we can grant users complete control over their digital assets during the entire trading lifecycle.

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